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EverState is a Fintech Startup that allows you to create a will for free, get the right insurance for death expenses like estates duties, etc. and provide for you loved ones.

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Milk Moon Studio was involved with the creation and testing of this product from start to finish.

Were tasked with creating the EverState name, brand guide, logo, designing and building the landing page, implementing site and behavioural analytics, creating ad collateral.

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In a world where tomorrows are uncertain, the conversation around what happens ‘when you’re not around anymore’ is both inevitable and intimate. Everstate emerged as a gentle whisper amidst this somber discourse, offering a simple, free, and dignified approach to navigating the realms of wills, insurance, and ensuring the well-being of loved ones. When Milk Moon Studio embarked on the journey with Everstate, it was about much more than web design; it was about orchestrating a digital sanctuary where the solemn discourse could unfold with serenity and simplicity.

Our narrative with Everstate was a voyage into the delicate, yet pivotal, domain of planning for the unforeseen. The aesthetics were tailored to evoke a sense of calm, trust, and ease, ensuring that individuals could navigate the somber waters with a sense of security and clarity.

Everstate isn’t just a platform; it’s a companion in the contemplative journey of ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of, your assets find the right heirs, and the transition unfolds smoothly. It's about simplifying the complex, demystifying the daunting, and providing a clear, step-by-step pathway through the legal and financial realms that come into play.

From aiding individuals in crafting a free will, to orchestrating a plan to cover education costs for those who pay school fees, to ensuring quick financial support in the immediate aftermath, Everstate is about addressing the solemn with a sense of simplicity and dignity. It’s about offering a comprehensive plan that covers the spectrum from asset protection to death expenses.

But the narrative didn’t just resonate in the services; it echoed through every pixel, every interaction on the platform. The user journey was crafted to be as intuitive as it was insightful, ensuring that individuals could traverse through the process with ease, clarity, and a sense of assurance.

Employing the potent capabilities of Webflow, we ensured that the digital narrative of Everstate was a reflection of its ethos - simple, serene, and secure. The result was a digital domain where the solemn discourse could unfold with a sense of dignity, clarity, and peace of mind.

Our endeavor with Everstate was about more than crafting a website; it was about creating a digital sanctuary where the inevitable could be addressed with simplicity, serenity, and a sense of security.

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