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Meet milk moon studio

We design & build beautiful Webflow sites

Whether that's a simple landing page, a custom built CMS or an e-commerce site, we're here to help you along your journey.

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We're a small digital studio based in South Africa that helps startups and established businesses refine, design and build their online presence.

Client focussed

Customer driven design and development.
Our customer's voice is vital when it comes to the work we deliver, but we also combine that with a data driven approach, improving on the projects we deliver by developing insights into who is using your product and what they are looking for.

Creating a feedback loop with our customers, and their customers is important to us. Our relationship doesn't just end when we deliver a project, we strive to listen, measure and improve.

Danielle Laity

Fouder of Aurora Sustainability
“Our website has received so many compliments that I’ve lost count. Adding exceptional analytics also made it super easy to track. Can’t recommend Milkmoon enough.”

Garth Manthé

Marketing & Communications Director
“Thank you so much for all the amazing work you did for us at Kipawa! Your work has really given us a new lease on life and the feedback we've received from our clients about the new website has been so fantastic. I can highly recommend Milkmoon's services for your brand - you'll be beyond happy with the results.”

John Campbell

Head of Ventures at MIRIS
“The Milkmoon team are exceptional at what they do. High quality websites are key for any business and these are the best people to build them.”

Tobie van der Spuy

“The Milkmoon Magicians truly understand Design and UX, making them amazing at translating our ideas into UI's that work for our users. Having the dev and deployment team in the same shop means we don't have to worry about translating to a third party, saving us time and effort - and getting great results.  Really great crew to work with for front-end products.”
Aurora for Organisations

Stephanie Vajda

North America Product Lead
“Working with Milk Moon Studio has been a really great experience. In today’s landscape, it’s critical you have a strong technology and data partner for your business. We partnered together on a startup and they helped us scale our business onto 4 continents. Jakes made sure we had the tech and data we needed to grow and scale fast. This allowed our team to run structured experiments and played a critical role in accelerating our early traction. We went from launch to +60,000 users in our first year. Thank you for Milk Moon Studio!”
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We keep things simple,
from concept to execution

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Wireframes & Prototyping

We create wireframes and prototypes, map out your content and create your site's blueprint.

Responsive Web Design

When we design your site it'll look great from the biggest screen to you tablet and smartphone, adapting to the required screen size.

Brand Guides

Keep this handy, you'll want it whenever you design content, whether it's for social, your blog or an advert.

Branding & Collateral

There's more to branding that slapping on a logo, we'll help you set up eye-catching designs for all platforms.

Webflow Build


Our sites come with a custom a build CMS allowing you to edit and create new content in a snap, whether that's blog content or editing your homepage. But hey, if you just want a static page we can do that too.

Dynamic SEO and Open Graph

Forget about complicated plugins, we'll create a template for your SEO to follow and you'll end up with search engine-friendly titles, descriptions, and Open Graph content.


We can build you an easy to manage store that integrates with Stripe and PayPal for a simple payment solution. With hardly any design restrictions all you have to do is sell.


No FTP, no cPanel. Our hosting is powered by Amazon Web Services & Fastly with a 100+ datacenters and servers worldwide and SSL included.


Standard Setup Included

Every site we build comes with basic Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 integration.

Custom Tagging and Tracking

Want to keep an eye on something specific, no problem, we can add that for you in Google Tag Manager and push it to Google Analytics 4 so you can keep and eye on what you're interested in.

Custom Dashboards

Not sure what's going on in Google Analytics 4, we can build you custom reporting dashboards in Google Data Studio so you can stay on top of what you're interested in and forget the rest.

Behavioural analytics

Need to know more about what's going on on your site? We can add Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity so you'll have heat maps, scroll maps, recordings of what your customers are doing, basic feedback and surveys.

Live Chat

Live Chat?

Ever thought of having live chat embedded in your site? Maybe you'd like to have a bot handle incoming question and support requests? We can do that.

What does it do?

It's not just live chat, there’s also bots, apps, product tours, and more - like email, messages, and a help center - that help you build relationships with your customers.

Support & Engage

Give your customer satisfaction the boost it deserves with industry-leading human, self-serve, and proactive support.

Onboard and activate new customers while re-engaging current ones with targeted messages, product tours, and email campaigns.


Convert more of your website visitors into loyal customers with personalized messages, bots, and real-time chat right when they need it. Intelligent bots and routing rules let your teams focus on what they do best – so your website visitors get the greatest possible experience.


Wordpress to Webflow migration.

Need to move legacy content to Webflow? We can sort that out and make sure everything goes to the right URL on your new site so your SEO doesn't take a hit. Feel free to enquire about migrating other platforms as well.

Ad Analytics conversion tracking.

We can help you with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Ads tracking etc, and we'll do it all via Google Tag Manager Integration so it's super easy to maintain.

Build your existing design in Webflow

Already have a design? We can build it for you. Just give us access to your Figma or similar design files and we'll take it from there. If there's a Webflow Template out there that you like we can customise that for you as well.

Don't know where to start?

Have you got an idea, but don't know where to start or how to bring it to fruition? Chat to us.
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