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Elo Spaces specialises in move management and space optimisation, ensuring minimal downtime during periods of growth and consolidation.

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Milk Moon Studio was given the task of creating a minimalist, clean, one-page site for founder Runo Okiomah.

The header of the site aims to demonstrate how the team can enhance a space and transform it for various purposes with a seamless interaction that highlights the different arrangements and features that can be achieved within a single space.


Elo Spaces Homepage

Concept Designs

Elo Spaces Conceptual Designs

Embarking on the journey with Elo Spaces opens the door to a hassle-free workplace transformation. Specializing in Move Management and Space Optimization, they ensure a seamless transition during organizational growth or consolidation phases. Through their L.A.V.I.S.H™ Approach, they first Listen to understand the needs, Analyze to optimize the team, Visualize to co-create vision, Implement the plan, Support to establish users, and Honor the value delivered. With a portfolio of having worked with giants like Google, CBRE, and JLL, they have showcased a knack for enhancing productivity and well-being through tailored, inspiring layouts.

They operate under a framework that thrives on a thorough understanding of their client's needs, ensuring that the resulting workspace is not only functional but also cultivates a culture of collaboration and wellness. Whether it's relocating an entire office or optimizing existing spaces, their meticulous planning and execution leave no stone unturned, ensuring every transition is smooth and each space is crafted to inspire and enhance team dynamics.

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