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Narcissus Ventures, Crypto Fund

Narcissus Ventures is a crypto-native fund supporting the next generation of digital assets and blockchain.

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Milk Moon Studio was given the task of brining the Narcissus Ventures vision to life.

The site sports a rich dark design, accentuated by the prominent use of the Narcissus flower commissioned by the founder of Narcissus Ventures. Besides a wide array of native Webflow interactions, the site also showcases some of the founder's personal NFTs in various formats. We're particularly fond of the interaction next to Our Approach, illustrating the dynamism and fluidity in the digital asset space.

Narcissus Ventures Homepage

Concept Work

Narcissus Concept Work

Final Concept

Narcissus Ventures - Final Concept Artwork

In the fertile grounds of digital innovation, Narcissus Ventures sprouts as a harbinger of decentralized tomorrows. Our encounter with Narcissus Ventures was a venture into the realms of blockchain and digital assets, a quest to design a digital domain where the seeds of future tech could find fertile ground, nurturing today’s visionaries shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow's digital landscape.

Our expedition with Narcissus Ventures was an exercise in crafting a sleek, modern digital domain that's as ambitious as the ventures it sought to nurture. The design aesthetics were fine-tuned to resonate with the ethos of innovation and decentralization, embodying the essence of a crypto-native fund supporting the next generation of digital assets and blockchain since 2015.

Narcissus Ventures isn’t just a fund; it’s a vessel of vision, investing in the craftspeople of the digital age. Their portfolio is a garden of digital ventures, each a unique bloom with the potential to redefine the digital landscape. Whether it's the realms of Gaming, Metaverse, DAO, Art & Culture, Infrastructure, or DeFi, each venture is a narrative of innovation, a step towards a decentralized and democratized digital domain.

The narrative further unfolded in their 'Our Story' section, portraying an experienced team united by a passion for blockchain innovation and a commitment to advancing the digital asset ecosystem. Their 'Our Motivation' echoed a conviction that digital assets and web3 are not just the next frontier in technology, but a fundamental shift in how the world operates.

Harnessing the creative prowess of Webflow, we orchestrated a digital narrative that’s as engaging as it is enlightening, where every interaction is a step towards a decentralized tomorrow. The seamless user journey, the modern design aesthetics, and the insightful content all came together to craft a narrative that’s as innovative as the ventures Narcissus sought to nurture.

Our endeavor with Narcissus Ventures was more than a web design project; it was about crafting a digital gateway to the decentralized realms of tomorrow, a platform where the seeds of digital innovation could find the fertile ground they needed to blossom into the tech of tomorrow.

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Narcissus Ventures

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