Swellendam Heritage Society

Swellendam Heritage Society, Heritage Conservation

Established in 1959, the largest and oldest non-governmental (NGO) organisation involved in heritage conservation.

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The Swellendam Heritage Society is one of our pro-bono projects.

Milk Moon adopted the Swellendam Heritage Association and created a new brand identity for the association, and designed and built a new site.

Swellendam Heritage Society site preview by Milk Moon Studio

Website Design

For the website landing page, we wanted to give the feeling of looking into the Swellendam archives, with some of the rich history. We brought in a piece of the old logo with an illustration of the Erica Walkeria flower.

Swellendam Hertiage site pages by Milk Moon Studio
Swellendam Heritage Society Symposium Pages by Milk Moon Studio

Identity Design

Swellendam Heritage Society CI by Milk Moon Studio
Swellendam Heritage Society Logo by Milk Moon Studio
Swellendam Heritage Branding by Milk Moon Studio
Swellendam Heritage Society business card by Milk Moon Studio
Brand colors by Milk Moon Studio
Swellendam Heritage Society Facebook Page by Milk Moon Studio
Instagram by Milk Moon

The echos of history reverberate through the quaint town of Swellendam, with tales whispered through the ages-old architecture and the serene trails of the Western Cape. The Swellendam Heritage Society (SHS) stands as a custodian of these tales, preserving the essence of history and offering a glimpse into the past through a digital lens. Our collaboration with the SHS was a venture into crafting a digital haven where every pixel narrated a story, every section was a passage through time.

The Swellendam Heritage Society is not merely a society; it's a rendezvous of history enthusiasts, a congregation of narratives that traverse through time. This project was about encapsulating this essence into a digital narrative, an online abode where history was not just narrated but felt.

Our journey commenced with the 'About Us' section, weaving the ethos and objectives of the SHS into a digital narrative that was both engaging and enlightening. The meticulous detailing in showcasing the aims, the constitution, and the projects undertaken by the society was about providing a comprehensive view into the heart of SHS.

The 'Articles' and 'Archives' sections were crafted as a repository of knowledge, a digital library where every article was a journey back in time, every archive a tale of the bygone era. It was about creating a platform where the curious minds could delve into the annals of history, explore the rich heritage of Swellendam, and journey through time from the comfort of their screens.

The 'Gallery' was envisioned as a visual journey through time, a digital exhibition showcasing the myriad facets of Swellendam's heritage. Every image was a window into the past, a narrative that resonated with the essence of Swellendam.

The 'Projects' section was a testament to the relentless efforts of the SHS in preserving the rich heritage of Swellendam. It was about showcasing the projects undertaken to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the historical essence of Swellendam.

Harnessing the power of Webflow, we orchestrated a digital narrative that was as engaging as it was informative. The user interface was tailored to ensure a seamless journey through the various sections, ensuring that the historical essence of Swellendam was accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Our collaboration with the Swellendam Heritage Society was about more than web design; it was about crafting a digital haven where history was celebrated, where the tales of yore were narrated with the reverence they deserved. It was about creating a digital platform where the echoes of history could resonate through the digital corridors, reaching out to anyone keen on journeying through the rich heritage of Swellendam.

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Swellendam Heritage Society

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