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Recurate is a full-service resale platform that provides recommence technology allowing your clients to resell goods on your existing e-commerce platform.

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For this project Milk Moon Studio redesigned and built the Recurate site in Webflow.

We simply love the Recurate brand, with its minimalist sleek design, the un-intrusive interactions on the site and all that Recurate allows their clients to do with their resales e-commerce model. As they say: More customers. More sales and more sustainable.

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Recurate Site Redesign Before and After
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Recurate Site Conceptual Designs

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At the crossroads of sustainability and commerce, Recurate beckoned with a vision: to foster a circular economy where products live on beyond a single owner. When Milk Moon Studio melded minds with Recurate, the mission was crystal: to craft a digital abode where brands and consumers could engage in resale, reusing, and revaluing items seamlessly.

Our collaboration with Recurate was about crafting a narrative of sustainable commerce. The design aesthetics were tailored to evoke a sense of trust, ease, and eco-conscious ethos, aligning with Recurate's mission of simplifying resale for brands and consumers alike. The visual narrative was a blend of sophistication and simplicity, ensuring a seamless journey for every user.

Recurate’s platform is more than just a marketplace; it’s a hub where brands and consumers converge in a circular economy. The features laid out a path from listing to sale, fostering a community where every item has a story beyond the first purchase. Whether it was the peer-to-peer resale model, the take-back initiative, or brand supply resale, each facet of Recurate was designed to enhance the lifecycle of products, fostering a sustainable commerce narrative.

The ‘Our Brands’ page showcased the multitude of brands embarking on this sustainable journey with Recurate, each echoing the ethos of eco-conscious commerce. The ‘About Us’ page narrated the tale of Recurate’s commitment to reimagining resale, shedding light on the mission that drives the brand.

Utilizing the pliable and potent capabilities of Webflow, we ensured that the narrative of sustainable and simplified resale echoed through every pixel, every interaction on the platform.

Our venture with Recurate transcended the creation of a website; it was about articulating a narrative of sustainable commerce, crafting a digital realm where every item gets a chance to re-tell its story, and every user becomes a part of this circular narrative.

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