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Old Mutual Venture Studios helps find Product-Market Fit before building technology.

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Milk Moon Studio was tasked with creating a platform that Old Mutual Venture Studios could use to find product market fit for new products.

To achieve this we used a combination of tools including Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable and Zapier, that would allow users to sign up, go through 7 stages qualitative and qualitative research to determine whether a project is worth pursuing. There was a lot of logic in both Zapier and Airtable build just for this project, and project management and reporting dashboards for the team from Kanban to user interfaces that allowed a lot of the process to automated. It was quite an undertaking but well worth the effort.


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Venture Studio emerges as a beacon of innovation amidst the commercial landscape, orchestrating a platform that navigates the terrain of Product-Market Fit (PMF) before diving into the technological build-out. This collaboration was more than a project; it was a narrative of crafting digital corridors where ideas could traverse the meticulous scrutiny of market validation.

The crux of Venture Studio lies in its diligent approach towards sieving through novel ideas, nurturing them through a structured examination to ascertain their market viability. Our endeavor was to encapsulate this essence into a digital infrastructure that mirrored the meticulousness and the robust analytical framework employed by Venture Studio.

Our narrative commenced with the platform, engineered to be the crucible where ideas were put through a rigorous 7-stage qualitative and quantitative analysis. This was not merely a website; it was an architectural marvel that seamlessly integrated tools like Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable, and Zapier. The platform was designed to facilitate user sign-ups, journeying through a structured analytical framework to evaluate the market potential of their ideas.

The ingenious use of logic in both Zapier and Airtable for this project crafted a meticulous analytical framework, meticulously tailored to evaluate every aspect of a venture. This was complemented with project management and reporting dashboards for the team, encapsulating everything from Kanban boards to user interfaces that automated a significant chunk of the process. It was not just about managing projects; it was about orchestrating a digital narrative that could autonomously navigate the intricate pathway of market validation.

The platform was more than a digital facade; it was a narrative of innovation, a journey into the meticulous process of market validation, ensuring that every venture embarked upon had a solid foundation of market understanding. It was about creating a digital environment where the promise of innovation could be meticulously examined, nurtured, and validated before stepping into the technological realms.

Employing a combination of potent tools and a meticulously crafted user journey, the platform emerged as a testament to Venture Studio’s ethos of thorough market validation before technological inception. It was a narrative of orchestrating a digital realm where ideas could be meticulously examined, nurtured, and validated, crafting a pathway of innovation that was both robust and reliable.

Our collaboration with Venture Studio was about crafting a digital narrative that mirrored the meticulousness and robust analytical framework of market validation, ensuring that the journey from an idea to a validated venture was as seamless as it was thorough.

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