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Old Mutual Venture Studios helps find Product-Market Fit before building technology.
Logo Ideation, Brand Guide, UI Kit, Website Design, Website Development, Analytics, Project Management Platform Build.
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Venture Studio

This was an INTENSE project. Milk Moon Studio was tasked with creating a platform that Old Mutual Venture Studios could use to find product market fit before the expense of actually building anything.

To achieve this we used a combination of tools including Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable and Zapier, that would allow users to sign up, go through 7 stages qualitative and qualitative research to determine whether a project is worth pursuing. There was a lot of logic in both Zapier and Airtable build just for this project, and project management and reporting dashboards for the team from Kanban to user interfaces that allowed a lot of the process to automated. It was quite an undertaking but well worth the effort.

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