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MIRIS is a Norwegian property developer that aims to transform the spaces where people live and work into adaptive energy-positive eco-systems.

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We just loved designing and building MIRIS.

The site used an animated cursor, lottie animations, CMS, Blog and interactive organogram.

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In an epoch where urban sprawls are burgeoning, the quest for sustainable urban development is imperative. Our engagement with MIRIS was not merely about drafting a digital presence; it was about orchestrating a narrative of sustainable transformation in urban landscapes.

MIRIS, a Norwegian property developer, aspires to metamorphose spaces where individuals reside and operate into adaptive, energy-positive ecosystems. This endeavor is not just an architectural feat but a commitment to reducing the carbon footprints of urban constructions.

The digital canvas we designed and developed for MIRIS is an embodiment of this ethos. It's where the narrative of sustainable urban development unfolds, inviting viewers to partake in a journey of eco-conscious growth. The animated cursor, lottie animations, CMS, Blog, and interactive organogram are not just digital features but the mediums through which the narrative of sustainability is articulated.

One of the distinguishing facets of this project was the interactive organogram, a digital feature that elucidates the organizational structure of MIRIS in a visually engaging manner. It's not just an illustration of hierarchy but a window into the collaborative ethos that drives sustainable projects at MIRIS.

The 'Our Framework' page is a digital testament to the systematic approach that MIRIS employs to usher urban projects from conception to fruition, ensuring sustainability is a cornerstone at every juncture.

Moreover, the 'Blog' section is a repository of insights, reflecting MIRIS’s relentless pursuit of knowledge in sustainable urban development. It's a space where the curious minds can delve into articles that span various facets of sustainability, from architectural innovations to the economic implications of eco-friendly practices.

The about us page encapsulates the essence of MIRIS, shedding light on its mission, vision, and the minds that steer the helm towards sustainable urban development. It's a page that resonates with the ethos of MIRIS, offering a glimpse into the heart of the organization.

Employing the creative flexibility of Webflow, we sculpted a digital experience that is as enlightening as it is engaging. The aesthetics of the platform are crafted to mirror the essence of sustainability, blending modern design with eco-conscious narratives.

Our expedition with MIRIS was more than a project; it was about crafting a digital narrative that resonates with the modern urban dweller, inviting them to envisage a future where urban landscapes are synonymous with sustainability.

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