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Kipawa is a full-service recruitment and recruitment marketing agency based in Kenya.

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We had the privilege of working with Kipawa, a full-service recruitment marketing agency based in Kenya.

Our goal was to design and develop a website and blog that would accurately reflect Kipawa's vibrant brand, message, and values. We also integrated Google Analytics 4 tracking into the website, allowing Kipawa to gain valuable insights into their website traffic and user behavior.

Kipawa homepage designed by Milk Moon Studio


At the start of the project, our team presented Kipawa with three conceptual designs, each capturing a different aspect of their brand and values. We worked closely with the team to understand their vision.

Kipawa Conceptual Designs by Milk Moon Studio

Design Direction

The first phase focused on a visual direction and Kipawa's services and testimonials. The second design phase took a more creative approach, combining the visual elements from design options to showcase Kipawa's expertise and creativity.

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In a landscape where the right talent is the compass to uncharted successes, Kipawa sails as the navigator for growth-seeking employers. Our venture was not merely about crafting a digital platform but about forging a vessel that guides organizations through the vast seas of recruitment, to the shores of their envisioned success.

Kipawa is more than a recruitment marketing agency; it's a catalyst for creating employer brands that resonate with the right audience, ensuring a win-win rendezvous between employers and prospective candidates. Our mission was to encapsulate this essence into a digital narrative that speaks the language of growth, trust, and potential.

The heart of Kipawa lies in its nuanced approach towards recruitment marketing, understanding that the right fit is not just about qualifications but about a shared vision. This ideology is translated into a digital platform that does more than just list services; it extends an invitation to a journey of growth and success.

Our expedition began with an understanding of Kipawa's metamorphosis in 2021, where it embraced its role as a recruitment marketing agency with a core focus on creating compelling employer brands. The narrative of this transformation is subtly intertwined within the digital fabric of the platform, showcasing Kipawa's evolution and its mission to help businesses stay ahead in the recruitment game.

One of the stellar features of the platform is the diverse array of services offered, each designed to cater to distinct facets of recruitment marketing and digital transformation. From executive search and professional search to employer branding and managed HR services, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that address the multi-dimensional challenges of modern-day recruitment.

The 'Our Services' section is not just a list but a narrative that elucidates the holistic approach of Kipawa towards recruitment. Each service is presented with a touch of personalization, emphasizing the collaborative journey that Kipawa embarks on with its clients.

Moreover, the 'Blog' section is a repository of insights, reflecting Kipawa’s commitment to adding value beyond the conventional recruitment process. It’s a resource hub that provides a window into the recruitment landscape, offering nuggets of wisdom to both employers and job seekers.

Employing the creative freedom afforded by Webflow, we curated a digital experience that is as engaging as it is informative. The aesthetics of the platform are woven with elements of trust, reliability, and growth, resonating with the core ethos of Kipawa.

Our collaboration with Kipawa was more than a project; it was about creating a digital narrative that empowers organizations to navigate the talent odyssey with a trusted partner. It was a venture into the realm of possibilities, where the right talent is the compass to uncharted successes.

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