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EURxb is a EURO stablecoin yielding real-time interest of 7% (by holding it in your wallet) backed by ISIN registered senior secured bonds.

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For the EURxb project we designed and built the front-end site in Webflow while also designed the app section of the site.

The site features a custom built CMS and Analytics on the frontend while not tracking the users inside the EURxb App. It's quite a large site, so head on over to explore.

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In the burgeoning sphere of decentralized finance (DeFi), the chasm between traditional financial mechanisms and innovative DeFi protocols is a complex one to navigate. Our journey with EURxb was akin to constructing a robust bridge that seamlessly connects these two realms, offering a conduit for traditional markets to interact with DeFi, and vice versa.

EURxb isn't just a digital platform, but a harbinger of financial evolution, ushering in a new era where the stability and structure of traditional finance meld with the flexibility and innovation inherent in DeFi. Our mission was to encapsulate this ethos into a digital experience that was intuitive, informative, and invigorating.

The heart of EURxb is its Euro stable token which appreciates at a minimum of 7% APY, underpinned by ISIN registered financial instruments. This feature not only provides a stable medium of exchange within the DeFi space but also offers an attractive yield, acting as a magnet for both individual and institutional investors.

Our design odyssey commenced with a clear understanding of the EURxb's tokenization process which is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless interaction between the protocol's bond reserves and the minted EURxb stable coin. This process is eloquently illustrated on the website, providing a clear window into the underlying mechanics of the EURxb protocol.

One of the distinct features we were enthralled to showcase was the partner program which opens doors for ISIN Securities Issuers to strengthen their secondary markets and provide a fluid market for their securities via the EURxb tokens.

Moreover, the institutional DeFi yield program is a testament to the innovative spirit of EURxb, creating a pathway for institutional funds to step into the world of DeFi, with a transparent and regulated framework.

The 'Redeeming a Tokenized Bond at Maturity' and the 'Discretionary Exchange of EURxb for Bond Reserves' sections further amplify the practical and tangible benefits for both retail and institutional participants, illustrating the full cycle of engagement with the EURxb protocol.

We wove together an engaging narrative using Webflow, creating a digital realm where every page, every section, and every element resonated with the core mission of EURxb—bridging traditional markets with the boundless potential of DeFi. The intuitive interface ensures that visitors, regardless of their financial acumen, can grasp the essence of EURxb and the revolution it heralds in the financial domain.

Our voyage with EURxb was more than a project; it was an expedition into the heart of financial innovation, crafting a digital bridge that stands as a testament to what's achievable when the traditional and the innovative join forces.

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