Aurora for Organisations

Aurora for Organisations helps organisations meet their sustainability goals. The tool measures the impact of people in companies and cities so that improvements can be made and tracked.
Sustainability, Consulting
Design, Webflow Build, Analytics, Reporting Dashboards, Heat-maps, Live Chat.
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Aurora for Organisations

Aurora for Organisations forms part of the Aurora Sustainability ecosystem. The site is aimed at NGOs, cities and municipalities, and companies.

We designed and built the site in Webflow, and using the Webflow API populate the client dashboards with live scores from the Aurora quiz when their employees take the quiz. This is turn empowers client's employees to improve their sustainability and quantifying the change for accurate reporting form the client's side. The site includes animation and interaction elements and live stats. Our personal favourites are the car and bus.

Here you can see an example a company landing page and dashboard. They can be fully customised and takes only 15 minutes to add a new company.

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