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WaFunda is a for-profit social impact enterprise focused on enabling and delivering education, training & learning, entrepreneurial & work programs, and educational financing to young people.

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For WaFunda we designed and built the main WaFunda landing page.

We added custom analytics, behavioural analytics and custom dashboards in Google DataStudio. We love the bright colours and bold design of this site as well as the animated lottie header, and of course the fact that the WaFunda team allowed us to bright and big.

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WaFunda Landing page

In the fertile grounds of educational opportunity and financial literacy, the seeds of empowerment find their nurture. Our collaboration with WaFunda was a voyage into the soil of South African education, fostering the growth of a digital platform that aims to quench the thirst for knowledge and economic independence among the youth.

WaFunda is not merely a platform; it's a sanctuary where the aspirations of young minds are tended with the water of educational resources and the sunshine of financial literacy. Our goal was to weave a digital landscape where every young sapling could find the nourishment of knowledge and the support of a community, aiding them to burgeon into the colossal trees of change.

Our narrative commenced with a deep dive into the essence of WaFunda - a for-profit social impact enterprise with a vision to enable and deliver education, training, and learning resources to the youth. It was about crafting a digital narrative that resonated with the ethos of empowerment and education.

The core of WaFunda resides in its triad of focus areas - educating the youth, nurturing their well-being, and enabling them to earn a decent income. Our journey was about encapsulating these core areas into a digital narrative that is both engaging and enlightening.

One of the flagships of WaFunda is its Blackbullion platform, an award-winning financial literacy platform tailored for South African students. Our task was to create a digital window into this realm of financial literacy, making it accessible and engaging for the learners.

The innovative Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and the Feenix education crowdfunding platform were other jewels in the crown of WaFunda, providing alternative financing solutions for education. Our narrative was to seamlessly integrate these facets into the digital narrative, making them easily accessible and understandable for the users.

Moreover, the 'How We Work' section was a glimpse into the collaborative ethos of WaFunda, illustrating how collaboration, sustainability, and impact are the driving forces behind its mission. It was about crafting a narrative that showcased how WaFunda marries expertise, technology, and evidence to foster smart educational solutions.

Harnessing the capabilities of Webflow, we wove a digital narrative that was as engaging as it was informative. The user interface was tailored to ensure a seamless journey through the various facets of WaFunda, providing a comprehensive understanding of its mission and offerings.

Our venture with WaFunda was more than a project; it was about nurturing the seeds of education and economic independence, crafting a digital sanctuary where the youth could find the resources and support to grow and thrive in the modern world.

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