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Royco is a recipe focussed site with a vast library of recipes all built around the Royco product range.

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Milk Moon Studio partnered with Uncle.Snitch to redesign the Royco Recipe and Product.

We already migrated the Royco recipe site to Webflow from Wordpress, but for the redesign we were supplied with conceptual designs for the homepage and recipe page, which we built out for the rest of the site to give a fresh new up to date look.

Recipe Page

Royco Recipe Page


Royco Page Designs

CI supplied to help us design the rest of the site.

Mini Roycp UI Kit

In the bustling cadence of daily life, the essence of a home-cooked meal often becomes a distant dream. Royco steps into this narrative as a culinary companion, bringing a trove of recipes and inspirations to rekindle the homely warmth in every kitchen. Our collaboration with Royco was a venture beyond the conventional; it was about crafting a digital nook where the aroma of home-cooked meals beckoned.

Royco isn’t just a brand; it’s a journey into the heart of every kitchen, a narrative that resonates with the clatter of pots and pans orchestrating homely symphonies. The project was about encapsulating this essence into a digital experience, making it a breeze for anyone to don the chef’s hat and create magic in the kitchen.

Our narrative with Royco unfolded on a canvas where simplicity met sophistication, and the joy of cooking was celebrated in every pixel. The website was envisioned as a digital cookbook, brimming with recipes tailored for every occasion, be it a quiet dinner date, a bustling family feast, or a tranquil weekend brunch. The ‘Recipes’ section was a testament to this diversity, offering a plethora of culinary explorations waiting to be discovered.

The ‘Occasions’ section was about tuning into the rhythm of life, offering recipes that resonated with the mood of the moment, be it the warmth of winter recipes or the zest of weekend BBQs. It was about making it effortless to find the perfect recipe that echoed the sentiment of the occasion.

Royco’s narrative was further enriched with a section dedicated to articles, offering a window into the world of culinary trends, tips, and insights, making it a go-to destination for anyone looking to elevate their cooking game.

The ‘About Us’ section was a window into the heart of Royco, narrating a story of a brand dedicated to rekindling the joy of home-cooked meals and making the kitchen a haven of creativity.

Harnessing the prowess of Webflow, we crafted a digital narrative that was as warm as the aroma of a simmering pot, as inviting as a home-cooked meal. The user interface was tailored to be as intuitive as it was inspiring, ensuring that every visit to the website was a step towards a culinary adventure.

Our endeavor with Royco was about more than web design; it was about creating a digital space where the joy of cooking was celebrated, where finding the perfect recipe was as simple as a few clicks, and where the warmth of home-cooked meals beckoned.

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