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Fortuna Custody Solutions,Digital Asset Custody

Fortuna was built to deliver the highest standard of secure digital asset infrastructure that supports Digital Custody, Trading, DeFi and Staking.

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Milk Moon Studio was tasked with designing and building a home for Fortuna Custody and bringing their vision to life.

Our priority with Fortuna Custody Solutions was to make sure that the team at Fortuna never needed us again and they could manage all the content on the site and spin up new pages on the fly. We put a lot of thought into the development to make sure that everything could be managed via the CMS in the Webflow Editor without ever touching the designer

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Service Pages

Fortuna Custody Solutions Service Pages

Conceptual Designs

Fortuna Custody Solutions Conceptual Desings

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Fortuna Custody Solution Before and After Redesign

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Final Live Implementation

Fortuna Custody Solutions

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