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Djinn Dept, Brand Strategy

Djinn Dept is made up of a small band of creative strategists with a shared background as writers and entrepreneurs. They help build brands that resonate in the culture and with their customers.

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Milk Moon Studio worked with the Djinn Dept team to develop their new site for them in Webflow.

We love the vibrant and striking colours of the new of Djinn Dept site that stands out boldly against the minimalist design of their new site. The site features a range of simple and smooth interactions and animations to breath life into Ed O’Brien's wonderful designs.

Final Design

Djinn Dept Homepage and Case Studies Page

Djinn Dept Capabilities and About Pages

We absolutely loved collaborating with the Djinn Dept team and designer Ed O'Brien op on this project. The whole team was involved from the get go to help the design evolve from something static in Figma and come alive in Webflow. Since Milk Moon Studio is a Webflow design and development studio it can sometimes be tightrope act to translate someone else's design to the web, but Ed was a true gentlemen and there to guide us on exactly how he envisioned each element moving and interacting. We really hope you'll go explore their site and stay tuned for what is still to come.

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Final Live Implementation

Djinn Dept

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