Bizzy V2

Bizzy V2, Fintech

Bizzy brings your whole business and financial world into one place so that you know it’s all taken care of.

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Milk Moon Studio was tasked with creating a name, logo, brand identity and landing page for Bizzy.

Bizzy formed part of a testing process for a freelance SaaS and admin platform. We build out a variety of sections in Webflow all focusing on different features. We then implemented Google Optimize to test the conversion rates, time on site, and the bounce rate for different feature combinations to arrive at a winning launch combination for bizzy.

Bizzy Landing Page

The Bizzy landing page
The Bizzy header and footer.

Bizzy Social Collateral

Social Collateral for Bizzy

Sample of the UI kit

Bizzy's UI Kit

Google Optimize Multi-Variate Test Results

Google Optimize Multi-variate test results

In the bustling realm of freelancing and small businesses, administrative chores often emerge as creativity's notorious nemesis. Enter Bizzy, envisioned as a tranquil haven amidst the administrative storm. Our rendezvous with Bizzy was all about conjuring a digital sanctuary where the freelance spirit could flutter freely, unburdened by the shackles of mundane management tasks.

The endeavor was to not merely craft a website but to orchestrate a digital concierge, proficient in handling a myriad of administrative tasks. The narrative was about simplicity, about crafting a user experience that made administrative tasks feel less like chores and more like a breeze.

Bizzy V2 was not just a project; it was a narrative of ease and efficiency. The landing page was not merely a digital facade but a welcoming gateway into a realm where administrative efficiency reigned supreme. Our design aesthetics were tuned to resonate with the simplicity and efficiency that Bizzy aspired to bestow upon its users.

Bizzy was more than just a SaaS platform; it was an ode to the freelance spirit. It was about creating a space where freelancers and small business owners could manage their business and financial world effortlessly, ensuring the muse of creativity remained undisturbed.

We embraced the essence of Bizzy, embodying it in every pixel we painted, every line of code we conjured. The result was a platform that didn't just look good but felt good, where navigation was intuitive, interactions were insightful, and managing business was a breeze.

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Final Live Implementation

Bizzy V2

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