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WigWag offers a streamlined checkout solution, eliminating the need for traditional e-commerce setups or manual EFTs. Their service facilitates easy payments through custom shareable links.

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Milk Moon Studio was tasked with redesigning the WigWag homepage and creating new product pages for the site while only doing minor updates to their existing blog.

We love the colourful and bold WigWag branding, the slight interactions on each page and customised checkout link interaction that shows the whole process of sending a payment link. But the most useful and functional part of the site is probably the javascript powered pricing slider that shows your variable rate and costs.

WigWag.me Homepage Hero Section of site

Final Design

WigWag.me Final Site Designs
WigWag Wordpress WooCommerce Plugin Page and WigWag Non-Profits Page
WigWag How it works section

Process Files

Very rough exploratory designs for the final homapage.

WigWag.me conceptual designs.

WigWag is the digital dynamo turning complex payment processes into a sleek stroll through the park. Our collaboration was all about harnessing the power of Webflow to create a user experience so smooth, you could almost slide your credit card through it.

The site we developed for WigWag is a testament to simplicity in the fast lane of e-commerce. With a clean, crisp interface and intuitive navigation, minimalistic interactions and some bold bright elements, we've laid out a welcome mat for businesses looking to sprint into the digital marketplace without tripping over their shoelaces.

From the 'Why Choose Us' section that showcases WigWag’s no-nonsense benefits to the 'How it Works' guide that walks you through the setup faster than you can say 'Cha-ching', this site is a streamlined express train to Paymentville.

Our design philosophy was straightforward: create a digital space where clarity meets style. This included a smooth javascript pricing slider to calculate variable costs and more.

In the gallery of our Webflow creations, WigWag stands out as a sleek, modern monument to functionality and style. We've coded not just a website, but a gateway for businesses to step into the world of hassle-free transactions. And with every click that leads to a 'Sell More, Pay Less' victory dance, we've added another happy stride to our web design journey. The site is also packed with analytics so that a user's journey can be tracked with Mixpanel giving the team at WigWag a holistic view of their customers, ROI on their ad spend and more.

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