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The NOVA+ wanted an astonishing dark site with smooth interactions.

For NOVA+ Milk Moon Studio created elements like side-scrolling sections, we added micro-interactions and went very dark indeed. We really enjoyed this dark contrasting site and we're looking forward to their brand-new case section going live as well.


The NOVA+ team asked us to flip the script on their original branding and go very dark. They wanted Milk Moon Studio to highlight the team's memojis and focus on micro-interactions in Webflow to bring the site alive. We also decided to create larger interactions on certain sections of the site, like locking the browser window into side scrolling through them to place emphasis on those areas. We think the dark contrasting elements really paid off and resulted in a beautifully site for the team at NOVA+ that takes you through their process, clients and services in an engaging way while staying true to their emphasis on simplify things by sticking to an almost single page site.

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Nova+ Process

In the sprawling digital marketplace, standing out is both an art and a science. Nova+ embodies this blend by offering a medley of growth marketing services aimed at scaling brands, and our collaboration was about giving this endeavor a digital heartbeat. The project with Nova+ was not just a voyage in web design but a venture into crafting a digital realm where brands could find the wings to soar amidst the dense market foliage.

The essence of Nova+ is about shaking up paid ads and redefining marketing across today’s leading platforms. They harbor a knack for tinkering with the latest tech to outperform traditional agencies and drive sustained growth. This ethos was the cornerstone as we embarked on this project, ensuring that every pixel we painted resonated with this spirit of innovation and results-driven approach.

Our narrative unfolded on a canvas where whimsical illustrations met the rigor of data-driven strategies. The homepage was crafted as a gateway into the world of Nova+, where their expertise in harnessing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and others was showcased with a blend of wit and wisdom. The Services section was a testament to the holistic approach of Nova+, offering a glimpse into their expertise in Paid Media Strategy, Advertising, Creative Strategy, Data Tracking, Reporting, Conversion rate optimization, and Email Marketing.

We delved into the nuances of every service, ensuring that the narrative was both engaging and enlightening. Whether it was about taming the tricky terrain of Facebook Ads or orchestrating compelling email marketing campaigns, the narrative was about showcasing the expertise of Nova+ in driving growth while maintaining a quirky, approachable tone.

The 'Client Love' section was a narrative of trust and success, showcasing testimonials that resonated with the remarkable journey of brands under the nurturing umbrella of Nova+. Each testimonial was a story, a narrative of transformation and success.

Harnessing the power of Webflow, we crafted a digital narrative that was not just visually appealing but was a mirror to the ethos of Nova+, a blend of whimsy and wisdom, creativity, and strategy. Our journey with Nova+ was about more than crafting a website; it was about creating a digital realm where brands could envision their journey of growth, a platform where whimsical creativity met the rigors of data-driven growth marketing.

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