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With Craft you can quote, invoice and get paid quickly. On top of that, you can be protected against lost income due to accidents that stop you from working.

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For Craft Milk Moon Studio was involved with every step along the the way.

We're really close to this project. We not only designed and built the site, but we were involved right from the start, from name ideation and the testing of different names for the product, logos, messaging, and which featured the team should focus. All this wa achievd by using different landing pages, search ads, social ads and Google Optimise employing multi-variate testing.


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In a world where freelancers juggle between their craft and the administrative intricacies, Craft Financial emerged as a beacon of simplification. When they aligned with us at Milk Moon Studio, the quest was lucid: to craft a digital platform that transforms invoicing from a chore to a charm, all while nestling a layer of financial security underneath.

Our narrative with Craft was about stitching the modern-day freelancer's needs with intuitive design and seamless functionality. The aesthetics echoed simplicity, modernity, and a dash of ingenious innovation, mirroring Craft's ethos of making financial management a breeze.

The core of Craft’s platform is a user-centric invoicing tool that allows freelancers to quote, invoice, and get paid swiftly. The seamless navigation, crafted in Webflow, ensured that freelancers could glide through the invoicing process with minimal clicks and maximal ease.

But Craft wasn’t just about invoicing; it was about fostering a sense of financial security amongst freelancers. With Craft Pay, freelancers could not only expedite payments but also join the Craft Protection Club, a haven of financial security in case of unforeseen accidents.

The narrative extended to the blog, where insights and tips were shared, nurturing a community of well-informed freelancers. The FAQs and About Us pages were not mere information hubs, but a narrative extension of Craft's commitment to empowering freelancers.

Our venture with Craft Financial transcended coding a website; it was about weaving a digital narrative that resonates with every freelancer's need for financial simplicity and security. The result was a platform that didn’t just ease the administrative load but enriched the financial narrative of freelancers, empowering them to focus on their craft while Craft took care of the rest.

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