With Craft you can quote, invoice and get paid quickly. On top of that, you can be protected against lost income due to accidents that stop you from working.
Fintech, Finance, Banking, Freelance Tools.
Web Design, Webflow Development, Full UI Kit & Collateral.
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Everyone at Milk Moon Studio really loved this project, not only because we designed and built the site, but also because we were involved right from the start, testing different names, logos, messaging and which featured the team should focus in first by using search ads, social ads and Google Optimise employing multi-variate testing.

We've helped with the name, brand, UI, dev, analytics and testing; and it's been great to see the project morph and come alive.

We we added unintrusive interaction to bring some elements on the site alive while not distracting the viewer.

The features above are the result of what was tested before launch using multi-variate testing to determine which feature sets users of the site best reacted to.

As part of the project we created a full brand kit that included all components of the app as well as site.