Do you do SEO?

When we set up your site in Webflow it will be optimised for SEO. Your pages will have all the necessary tags, OG images etc, and we'll put things like 301 redirects in place so no one ever sees a missing page from an old link if you're migration from your old site. 301 redirects will also allow Google to see where all that old content went if the structure of your site ends up changing on your new Webflow Project. Apart from making sure your site is optimised we'll help out with you Google Search Console setup and make sure nothing weird crawls out the woodwork. To help with your Google Search rankings we'll also optimise for speed and apply a few teaks in Tag Manager to make things load nice and fast and keep the search bots happy. If you're migrating to a new domain we'll help with search optimisation and migration to give you a minimal hit on the SERPS.

Aside from the site optimisations we can also connect you with some great SEO copywriters if you want to generate copy for blog pages etc. to improve your rankings and generate traffic.