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How much does a web design package cost?

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A bespoke custom website is an investment and as such is more expensive than just buying a Wordpress template, but you end up getting exactly what you want. With our Webflow sites there are very few design constraints and you end up with a site that you can maintain on your own. It's also important to note that pricing varies a lot based on the complexity of the build, what assets you already have and how crazy you want to get with interactions and animation.  If you're even slightly unsure, reach out and we can chat, and put together a package for you with a detailed quote. Your build will also include Google Tag Manager and basic Google Analytics integration.

What is included in my design package?

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It very much comes down to what you need, but we'll sit down with you (remotely), figure out what you currently have, what you want to achieve and where you have pain-points or roadblocks to put together a package that suits you. Our process is laid out here. Apart from figuring out what you want, we can also help you with what you need if you don't have brand collateral or a brand identity. From there we'll create a custom design for your site, no templates here, that you'll review and we'll update before we even start building. Once you're happy we'll build your site, add some nifty analytics so you know what's happening on your site, hand it over and teach you how to make edits to the site. Don't worry, Webflow is super easy to edit and there's nothing to maintain.

What web development platform do you use?

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We exclusively use Webflow to develop our sites and it's great, promise, we guarantee you'll love it. There are virtually no design constraints, it comes with a CMS so adding anything from blog posts to FAQs, managing teams and just making edits to 'static' pages are as easy as clicking, typing and publishing. We'll teach you how to update content, and when it comes to Webflow there's nothing to maintain, there are no updates, no plugins and nothing breaks when a new version comes out (cough, cough Wordpress). We're gonna list just some of the features you'll love and you can check out some of our latest Webflow projects.

  • Webflow delivers clean, semantic HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  • It has a built-in Content Management System and an Ecommerce platform.
  • It allows us to add sleek interactions and animations to your site.
  • Your site will be powered by Amazon Web Services and Fastly with data centres across the globe, zero maintenance, 99.9% uptime guaranteed, super fast CDN and scaling.
  • It offers great security, no need to worry about being hacked.
  • Built-in SEO tools, no more plugins.
  • Great integration with a slew of partners like Zapier etc. and custom code if required.
  • Exportable code if you want to host a static site somewhere else.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can get a better idea on the Webflow features page. If you're thinking of going to Wordpress route, or possibly moving away from Wordpress but you're on the fence, why not check out this page.

Does Webflow have a payment platform?

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Webflow currently only integrates with Stripe and Paypal which is admittedly a teensy bit limiting considering the amount of payment partners out there, but they are best in class tools and worth checking out if you're unsure. Paypal is available in more regions than Stripe, but Stripe does offer a great service called Stripe Atlas where they register and set up a company for you in the United States if your region isn't covered. They'll pretty much do everything and at the end of the process you'll have a company registered in the US for the cost of $500. If you're unsure about either Paypal or Stripe you can see where they support receiving payments here and here.

Do you do SEO?

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When we set up your site in Webflow it will be optimised for SEO. Your pages will have all the necessary tags, OG images etc, and we'll put things like 301 redirects in place so no one ever sees a missing page from an old link if you're migration from your old site. 301 redirects will also allow Google to see where all that old content went if the structure of your site ends up changing on your new Webflow Project. Apart from making sure your site is optimised we'll help out with you Google Search Console setup and make sure nothing weird crawls out the woodwork. To help with your Google Search rankings we'll also optimise for speed and apply a few teaks in Tag Manager to make things load nice and fast and keep the search bots happy. If you're migrating to a new domain we'll help with search optimisation and migration to give you a minimal hit on the SERPS.

Aside from the site optimisations we can also connect you with some great SEO copywriters if you want to generate copy for blog pages etc. to improve your rankings and generate traffic.

Do you offer logo design?

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We don't offer logo design, brand identity or brand collateral creation as a standalone service, though we are happy to do this as part of your web design and build packages.

Do you offer ongoing design and support packages?

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We can definitely help you going forward; though Webflow is such an easy-to-maintain platform, you most likely won't need us to update content etc. for you. That being said, we do like to partner with our clients, so if there is ever anything you need, we're happy to chat and help you out. We tend to get a lot of requests regarding advanced analytics, reporting dashboards, integrating ads tracking, behavioural analytics etc., and we're more than happy to help with that as well.

How quickly can we have a site up and running?

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It mostly depends on how complex the design and build will be and availability from our side. Reach out for a chat and we'll give you an estimate of how quick we can have things up and running. The benefit of working exclusively with Webflow is that while designs can be very complex, development time is quite quick.

Can you help us with Analytics?

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We most definitely can. Our sites include basic Google Tag Manager setup, and Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics integration. We can also set up more advanced event and conversion tracking, ad tracking from platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. We'll also integrate free heat maps and recording using Tag Manager and Microsoft Clarity for you, but we're open to installing other tools.

Aside from adding analytics we're also able to help you with easy to use dashboards in Google Data Studio so you don't need to go digging to see how your site is performing. We can also set up ad reporting dashboards or integrate data from tools like Supermetrics etc.

If you require standalone analytics services or would just like to chat about what's possible, reach out and we can have a look at what you already have and how we can help.

Are you Webflow Certified?

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Yes we are Webflow Certified. We have the following Webflow Certifications:

  • Webflow Layout Level 1
  • Webflow Layout Level 2
  • Webflow CMS Level 1

We'll be adding more certifications as Webflow expands on the certification program, but for now we're up to date. We're also a Webflow Experts Partner, yay! That means we get to show this off.

Webflow Expert Partner

Do we get our design files and what platform do you use?

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Prior to developing your site in Webflow, we design the entire site in Figma. Once you're happy with the design we move from Figma to Webflow. You'll have full access to the Figma files once your project is complete.

Are you a Webflow Partner?

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Yes, we're an official certified Webflow Professional Partner. You can find our Webflow Partner page here.

What kind of payments do you accept?

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We can accept traditional bank transfers for invoices, swift payments, or payments via PayPal, Stripe, and credit cards. We'll try and send our quotes and invoices in your local currency as far as possible. Generally, ZAR, USD, GBP & Euros are fine.